Willow Belden

A team of UW engineering students recently traveled to Alabama to compete in NASA’s annual moon buggy race. The race is for high school and college students who have designed and built non-motorized vehicles that resemble lunar rovers. Teams from all over the world participated, on a race course meant to resemble the surface of the moon. The winning moon buggies aren’t actually going to space, but as Wyoming Public Radio’s Willow Belden reports, the project is a major learning experience for the students.

After hours of testimony, the Senate Minerals committee killed a bill that would have allowed the City of Laramie to acquire a parcel of land to protect the community’s water supply. The city said it wanted the state to spend 15 million dollars to buy the land, but members of the committee questioned city and county officials over whether they had considered other options.  In the end the bill died when Senator Chris Rothfuss of Laramie offered a due pass motion that failed to get a second. Committee Chairman Eli Bebout told community members he’s sympathetic, but urged them to look into ot

 Voters in Laramie have backed changing the way city councilors there are elected.

Currently, voters pick city councilors to represent seven wards and two at-large members. On Tuesday, voters were asked whether to stick with that system or change the number of wards or change the number of at-large members.

The city clerk's office said Wednesday that unofficial results show that the option to create three wards with three council members each got the most votes.

The results won't be official until election officials review the results on Thursday. 

Albany County to start a community bus service

Aug 26, 2011

Albany County officials will be providing bus service up and down Grand Avenue.  The free transportation will go from First Street to WalMart.  County Commissioner Tim Chestnut says it will feature eleven stops and will run until ten each night.  The service will be overseen by the University of Wyoming.  Chestnut says if the bus service is popular…they will try to expand it.“I think that is the hope so we could at least do a 3rd street route.  I was talking to Mark Collins, who is the head of UW Transportation, he would like us to do something from WalMart out to the airport.