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Wyoming Public Radio Internships

Credit Diana Denison

Public radio stations are recognized for nationally renowned programs like Morning Edition or This American Life, or for award-winning local programs like Open Spaces. They are known locally for community services like public service announcements, weather and emergency updates, and local news. There is one critical public radio service, though, that is not readily visible to the listener. This service is training students through internships.

Wyoming Public Media has an Internship training program that involves students, many of them from the University of Wyoming. They come from a variety of disciplines, and work alongside our professional staff as assistants in the news department, fundraising, technology, and administration. The experience they gain helps launch their media careers, or gives them invaluable skills that translate into a variety of disciplines. For example, interns learn to write concisely, meet deadlines, use audio and basic video equipment, produce content to national standards. They learn proper techniques of research and analysis, and they interview artists and experts in a variety of fields. For those working in news, the ability to think critically and approach issues from multiple perspectives is a skill that transfers to all aspects of work and life.

WPM is proud to offer internships, and help students acquire new skills. Now and then we discover a budding “public radio junkie” who learns the business, and decides to follow us into the public radio world. We’re delighted to help these individuals find a passion and career in public broadcasting.

Credit Christina Kuzmych - Wyoming Public Media General Manager

Wyoming Public Media follows federal guidelines for interns and volunteers

Here's an inside look at being an intern for Wyoming Public Radio

Past Wyoming Public Media Interns and their Semester-End Projects

Information on interns from previous years, is available by request. 

2021 Wyoming Public Radio Interns' Semester-End Projects

Ashley Piccone’s June 2020 – May 2021 News Internship

Ashley Piccone

As an astronomy PhD student and public radio enthusiast, I was thrilled to be a science intern at WPR. I learned so much about science communication and radio storytelling, and I gained invaluable relationships with other reporters. I produced dozens of news spots and features on the Open Spaces podcast. My time at WPR has inspired me to pursue science communication as a career, and after a year at WPR I was selected as a 2021 AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellow. As a fellow, I'll continue working in public radio at KUNC in Greeley, CO. After I finish graduate school, I hope to use my science and radio background to break into science podcasting!

Ashley Piccone was awarded an American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Fellowship for the summer at KUNC in Greeley, Colorado. According to Ashley, "My time at WPR has inspired me to pursue science communication as a career." After she finishes graduate school, Ashley hopes to "use her science and radio background to break into science podcasting!"

Listen to Ashley’s spring semester project.

2019 Wyoming Public Radio Interns' Semester-End Projects

Credit Korina Ike

Korina Ike’s Fall 2019 Internship

I learned a lot this past semester. I had a preconceived notion of what public radio was like before I started volunteering. Those notions have been destroyed, but in a good way! Micah taught me that simplicity is best and I need to keep my "hook" in mind. I have no doubt that I will rely on these lessons in my future career(s).

View Korina’s semester project here.

Megan Feighery's Summer 2019 Internship   

Credit Megan Feighery

After grad school, I packed up my car and drove to Laramie from Southern California to intern at WPM. I was nervous but after meeting the incredibly talented, creative, and supportive staff I knew I had made the right decision. In a few short months, I had learned how to write news spots, voice for Wyoming Sounds, and even produced my very own episode of HumaNature. I have fallen so in love with WPM and Laramie that this Southern California girl is going to stay and brave her first Wyoming winter- wish me luck! Thank you so much to everyone here for welcoming and guiding me as I start my career. I would like to give a very special thanks to Micah Schweitzer for being in my corner- it has made all the difference. 

View Megan's Semester Project here.
Megan is now on Wyoming Public Media's staff as a part-time producer. 

Jeff Victor's Summer 2019 Internship

Credit Jeff Victor

Writing copy and voicing news spots for Wyoming Public Radio taught me the ropes of broadcast journalism. The full time reporters who make up WPR guided me in countless ways throughout the summer, talking over story leads and angles with me, proofing and editing my scripts, and providing inspiration through their own work ethic and high quality reporting. By the end of my admittedly short time in the newsroom, I produced a five-minute feature for Open Spaces that will serve as a launching off point for future journalistic endeavors.

View Jeff's Semester Project here.

Jeff is now on Wyoming Public Media's staff as a part-time reporter. 

Ivy Engel's Summer 2019 Internship 

Credit Ivy Engel

My summer interning with WPR was unlike any other. It drew aside the curtain and revealed the figurative wizard that is the hard working, intelligent, talented people that bring public radio to the world every day. Not only did I meet some incredible people, but I was able to learn and practice many practical skills that extend beyond what I’ve been taught in the classroom. Some of the lessons that will stick with me are that sometimes I must ‘cut my darlings’ and to always pack extra batteries!

This internship has sparked a budding interest in public radio and I can’t wait to continue in the field!

View Ivy's semester project here.

Ivy is now on Wyoming Public Media's staff as a part-time reporter.

David Graf's 2018 & 2019 Internships

Credit David Graf

At Wyoming Public Media, I learned foundational radio skills, how to create compelling podcasts and craft journalistic stories. If I hadn’t interned at Wyoming Public Radio, I wouldn’t have been prepared to search for a job in the radio industry, and I am grateful for the experiences and tools that Wyoming Public Media provided me. The station creates a family atmosphere and gives you the tools to succeed and learn more about radio and journalism. The more time you spend around the professionals at Wyoming Public Media, the more prepared you will be to get to the place you want to be.

(Aside) Thank you to Micah and Grady for all of the mentorship that they provided me and for introducing me to skills and people that transformed my world.

View David's semester project here.

David is now a Podcast Coordinator and Producer in Montana at the Missoula Broadcasting Company

Credit Nolan Behnke

Nolan Behnke's Spring 2019 Internship

My experience at Wyoming Public Media was an unforgettable one. I learned so much about journalism that I could not learn from a classroom. The internship was a great opportunity to get a sense of what writing news is all about and a chance to flex my journalistic muscles. I faced many challenges, but I prevailed, and I am a better person for it. I loved my time interning at WPM and who knows, maybe I'll come back to ask for a job someday.

View Nolan's Semester Project here.

Taylar Stagner's Summer 2018 Internship

Credit Taylar Stagner

My internship with Wyoming Public Media acquainted me with a relationship to radio that I never would have thought I could enjoy before that fateful summer. My supervisors cared about my progress and helped me develop skills that I can take on into the future with confidence. I am nothing but grateful for the opportunities Wyoming Public Media gave me.

View Taylar's stories here.

Taylar continued on Wyoming Public Media's staff as a part-time reporter.

London Homer-Wambeam's Spring and Summer 2018 Internship

Credit London Homer-Wambeam

Interning at Wyoming Public Radio was an important learning experience for me. I gained practical skills for working in a newsroom and radio station. I enjoyed working with everyone there and it has inspired me to pursue a career in public radio.

View London's HumaNature video here.

View London's News feature story here.

London continued on Wyoming Public Media's staff as a part-time reporter.