Wyoming Public Radio Internships

Credit Diana Denison

Public radio stations are recognized for nationally renowned programs like Morning Edition or This American Life, or for award-winning local programs like Open Spaces. They are known locally for community services like public service announcements, weather and emergency updates, and local news. There is one critical public radio service, though, that is not readily visible to the listener. This service is training students through internships.

Wyoming Public Media has an Internship training program that involves students, many of them from the University of Wyoming. They come from a variety of disciplines, and work alongside our professional staff as assistants in the news department, fundraising, technology, and administration. The experience they gain helps launch their media careers, or gives them invaluable skills that translate into a variety of disciplines. For example, interns learn to write concisely, meet deadlines, use audio and basic video equipment, produce content to national standards. They learn proper techniques of research and analysis, and they interview artists and experts in a variety of fields. For those working in news, the ability to think critically and approach issues from multiple perspectives is a skill that transfers to all aspects of work and life.

WPM is proud to offer internships, and help students acquire new skills. Now and then we discover a budding “public radio junkie” who learns the business, and decides to follow us into the public radio world. We’re delighted to help these individuals find a passion and career in public broadcasting.

Credit Christina Kuzmych - Wyoming Public Media General Manager

Wyoming Public Media follows federal guidelines for interns and volunteers.

Here's an inside look at Wyoming Public Radio's student staff.

Wyoming Public Radio Interns’ Semester-End Projects

Taylar Stagner's Summer 2018 Internship

Credit Taylar Stagner

My internship with Wyoming Public Media acquainted me with a relationship to radio that I never would have thought I could enjoy before that fateful summer. My supervisors cared about my progress and helped me develop skills that I can take on into the future with confidence. I am nothing but grateful for the opportunities Wyoming Public Media gave me.

View Taylar's stories here.

Taylar is now on Wyoming Public Media's staff as a part-time reporter.

London Homer-Wambeam's Spring & Summer 2018 Internship

Credit London Homer-Wambeam

Interning at Wyoming Public Radio was an important learning experience for me. I gained practical skills for working in a newsroom and radio station. I enjoyed working with everyone there and it has inspired me to pursue a career in public radio.

View London's HumaNature video here.

View London's News feature story here.

London is now on Wyoming Public Media's staff as a part-time reporter.

Klara Casillo's Summer 2018 Internship    

Credit Klara Castillo

I had such a positive experience this summer working for Wyoming Public Radio. I was able to take the skills I gained from my professional writing classes to write a variety of stories for the station. My favorite project was the Migrant Education Program piece where I was able to write on a subject I feel very strongly about and am highly interested in.

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Credit August Lah

August Lah’s Spring/Summer 2018 Internship

I loved my internship at Wyoming Public Radio. Working for HumaNature was an incredible opportunity to learn both the technical and creative skills that go into making a podcast. Everyone I worked with was friendly and encouraging and made me feel at home here.

August was the lead producer for HumaNature Episode 39: Junk.

Credit Tressa Versteeg

Tressa Versteeg’s Spring 2018 Internship

Interning at Wyoming Public Media allowed me to dive into the hustle-and-bustle that goes on at a public radio station. It was a joy to help produce HumaNature, a news feature, and feel supported in my learning process.

View Tressa’s news feature here.

Credit Carlos Gonzales

Carlos Gonzales’ Spring 2018 Internship

Working at WPR this semester has been an amazing opportunity. Working with the digital team was both busy and exciting, and provided experience with outreach to the entire state and beyond. I have greatly enjoyed my time at WPR and recommend an internship there highly.

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Credit Emma Fenelon

Emma Fenelon’s Spring 2018 Internship

Working as a media intern for Wyoming Public Radio this semester allowed me to have a more “hands on” approach to what I have learned so far in most of my communication classes.  Interning with Wyoming Public Radio allows for interns to earn experience in a little bit of everything: social media posting, photography as well as media graphics if needed.

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Sam Eagan’s 2017 - 2018 Internships  

Credit Sam Eagan

Working at WPM for the summer was an awesome experience that helped me to develop skills that I can use in the future as a journalist. Everybody in the office was incredibly friendly and beyond helpful to me. I had never really worked in any journalism-related field before but this internship gave me an awesome crash course. I had a lot of fun and would love to come back in another semester.

View Sam’s summer semester projects here: The Modern West 19, Modern West 26 & Modern West 29.

View Sam’s spring semester project here.


Melaina Nielson’s 2016-2017 Internship

Credit Melaina Nielson

There was a coffee shop in downtown Green River, Wyoming called the Book and Bean. With good books, good coffee, and good people, I spent my evenings after school there enjoying a spiced chai and gut-busting conversation with my closest friends. The owner, who I considered an aunt, would tune the dial to Wyoming Public Radio after most customers left, and we would listen to riveting programming while she made espresso and did the books. I am certain the years, from 8th grade through high school spent in that coffee house was when I developed an enthusiasm for radio. After high school graduation, I told my mother I was going to move to Laramie and become the “new woman” on Jazz Wyoming. And, while six years after the statement and close to two years interning at Wyoming Public Radio, I am not on Jazz Wyoming… but, I am still here, honored.

Working as a broadcast assistant and host for Wyoming Sounds under the direction of the master of radio programming himself, Grady Kirkpatrick, has been fabulous! The skills I have learned are vital in the field, and I have had fun the entire time. Conversing with music representatives from all around the country, listening to new music, and working the creative side of my brain is a thrill! I still have much to learn, but as I continue developing talents and trying to tone down the cheese on air, I know that radio is undoubtedly my dream métier.

Listen to where Melaina hosted as an intern here.

Melaina is now on Wyoming Public Media’s staff as a part-time host of Wyoming Sounds and broadcast assistant.

Jamie Hampton's Summer 2017 Internship

Credit Jamie Hampton

Having the opportunity to intern with Wyoming Public Media was an opportunity I will forever be grateful for. I have always had a deep interest in the world of journalism, and getting the chance to take a look at the radio side of things was amazing. I learned skills that helped build not only my resume, but aided in producing materials to help build my portfolio as well. I learned so much from Micah Schweizer and everyone at WPM that I will carry with me through my future.

View one of Jamie's semester projects here. 

Nicholas Hudson's Spring 2017 Internship  

Credit Nicholas Hudson

Working at Wyoming Public Media has been an amazing privilege through which I have been able to gain invaluable experience, meet a community of kind and passionate people, as well as discover plenty of great new music. I have learned how to navigate and utilize radio software, how to host continuous music in an interesting and professional way, and many more important and infinitely applicable skills and insights. I hope to continue my involvement with Wyoming Sounds in the future, and to further it to whatever extent I am able. 

View Nicholas' most recent instrumental electronic album here.

Brooklynn Gray's Spring 2017 Internship  

Credit Brooklynn Gray

Although I worked as a News Intern last semester, I still learned so much as a Podcast Producer volunteer/intern over this past spring semester. I was given the creative freedom to produce episodes, create the intro theme, and write promos for a new podcast set to launch in June 2017. The ability to see the process and work that goes into creating a podcast is invaluable, and I could not have asked for a better experience to conclude my undergraduate career with. Wyoming Public Media will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am extraordinarily grateful I was able to have this experience. 

Credit Caitlin Tan

Caitlin Tans’s Spring 2017 Internship

Caitlin Tan was a Journalism major and Wyoming native completing her final semester of college. She is aspiring to be a journalist and to continue traveling the globe. Caitlyn began as a volunteer for WPM membership drives and then completed an internship with Micah Schweizer in cultural affairs during the Spring of 2017. Right after her May graduation from the University of Wyoming, she headed to Naknek, Alaska for her first public radio job: fish reporter. Caitlin spent the summer covering the seasonal fishing industry for KDLG in Dillingham (which is across the river from Naknek but required a plane ride to get to). Caitlin says, "ever since interning at Wyoming Public Radio I knew without a doubt I wanted to report for public radio." She then traveled to Washington, DC for a news internship at NPR before taking a position as News Assistant for All Things Considered at NPR in Dec. 2017.

View one of Caitlin's semester projects , assisting with The Modern West, here.