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Wyoming Public Radio Internships

Credit Diana Denison

Public radio stations are recognized for nationally renowned programs like Morning Edition or This American Life, or for award-winning local programs like Open Spaces. They are known locally for community services like public service announcements, weather and emergency updates, and local news. There is one critical public radio service, though, that is not readily visible to the listener. This service is training students through internships.

Wyoming Public Media has an Internship training program that involves students, many of them from the University of Wyoming. They come from a variety of disciplines, and work alongside our professional staff as assistants in the news department, fundraising, technology, and administration. The experience they gain helps launch their media careers, or gives them invaluable skills that translate into a variety of disciplines. For example, interns learn to write concisely, meet deadlines, use audio and basic video equipment, produce content to national standards. They learn proper techniques of research and analysis, and they interview artists and experts in a variety of fields. For those working in news, the ability to think critically and approach issues from multiple perspectives is a skill that transfers to all aspects of work and life.

WPM is proud to offer internships, and help students acquire new skills. Now and then we discover a budding “public radio junkie” who learns the business, and decides to follow us into the public radio world. We’re delighted to help these individuals find a passion and career in public broadcasting.

Credit Christina Kuzmych - Wyoming Public Media General Manager

Wyoming Public Media follows federal guidelines for interns and volunteers

Here's an inside look at being an intern for Wyoming Public Radio

Past Wyoming Public Media Interns and their Semester-End Projects

Information on interns from previous years, is available by request.

2023 Wyoming Public Radio Intern Alumni and Semester-End Projects

Jordan Uplinger's 2023 News Internship

Jordan Uplinger

Jordan Uplinger was born in NJ but has traveled since 2013 for academic study and work in Oklahoma, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. He gained experience in a multitude of areas, including general aviation, video editing, and political science. In 2021, Jordan's travels brought him to find work with the Wyoming Conservation Corps as a member of Americorps. After a season with WCC, Jordan continued his Americorps service with the local non-profit, Feeding Laramie Valley. His deep interest in the national discourse on class, identity, American politics and the state of material conditions globally has led him to his internship with Wyoming Public Radio and NPR.
Following his internship, Jordan was hired as a Wyoming Public Radio reporter.

Link to Jordan's featured project.

Suraj Singareddy

Suraj Singareddy's Summer 2023 News Internship

WPR is one of the most supportive and welcoming newsrooms I've ever been in! Everyone was eager to show me the work they do and help me out when I needed it. I also loved being able to pursue stories I was interested in and report on things I'd had no prior experience in. It really helped me to grow as a journalist!

Listen to Suraj’s featured project.

Courtney Blackmer's Spring 2023 News Internship

Courtney Blackmer

After years of producing and editing documentary films, Courtney has recently shifted her energies towards radio and podcasts. Originally from Colorado, Courtney has a longstanding love of the West and the people who call it home. She has an enduring interest in creative non-fiction storytelling and is passionate about telling the stories that shape our region. In her free time, Courtney enjoys skiing, kayaking, and other outdoor adventures. Courtney Blackmer is the now the host of Morning Edition at Wyoming Public Media.

Sarah-Anne Leverette Spring 2021- Fall 2023 News / Podcast Volunteer

Sarah-Anne Leverette

Sarah-Anne joined WPM as a volunteer to learn about the workings of public radio. She majored in English at UW and enjoys learning about nature and Indigenous studies. As a supporter of public radio and television, she looked forward to this opportunity.

Nicole Dillon’s Spring 2023 News Internship

I had such a wonderful experience with WPR. I was able to put what I was learning in class to real life work experience. I was given the freedom to pitch many of my own story ideas and had a lot of guidance from WPR to make them successful. I spent 4 months working on a feature that WPR broadcasted.

Listen to Nicole Dillon’s final feature.

Sage Montana
Sage Montana

Sage Montana's Spring 2023 News Internship

My semester interning with Wyoming Public Media was unlike what I had imagined. It allowed me to grow so much as a person and as a writer. At the beginning of the semester, I felt terrified of people hearing me on air. Working at WPM made me feel like I found my voice as a reporter. I will be forever grateful for WPM helping me find my love for broadcasting!

Listen to Sage's final feature.