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When you don’t want to turn off Wyoming Public Radio, but you’re leaving your radio behind—turn to podcasts. A podcast is a radio show that’s on the internet, so you can listen anytime you want. There are two ways you can do this. You can listen to a podcast through a website, which is called streaming. Or you can download a podcast. When you’re leaving wifi or cell signal behind, download a podcast to your phone or tablet. This means you're saving it on that device on and you can listen to it anytime, even without an internet connection.

To stream: Go to a website, such as HumaNaturePodcast.org and click the play button.

To download: Get it delivered to your phone or tablet using an app.

  • For iPhones and iPads, use the Podcasts app. It comes installed on your device, or you can get it from the App Store. In the Podcasts app, search for any podcast and then hit subscribe.
  • For Android phones and tablets, you can use Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, or Stitcher. You can get those from the Google Play store. In Google Podcasts, search for any podcast and click Subscribe. In RadioPublic, click Follow. In Stitcher, click the plus sign to add it to your Favorites List. 

Get our podcasts directly from one of those apps via our list below.

HumaNature: HumaNature Apple Podcasts | Radio Public | Spotify | Google Play | TuneIn Stitcher SoundCloud | RSS Link

The Modern West: The Modern West Apple Podcasts | Spotify Radio Public Google Play TuneIn Stitcher | SoundCloud RSS Link

Open Spaces: Wyoming Public Media Apple Podcasts | Radio Public Google Play | TuneIn Stitcher RSS Link

Spoken Words: Wyoming Public Media Apple Podcasts Radio Public Google Play | TuneIn Stitcher SoundCloud RSS Link

All of our podcasts can be found on NPR.org