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Wyoming Public Media's Current Fundraising Goal

Wyoming Public Media is a public broadcasting state network licensed to the Trustees of the University of Wyoming.

Wyoming Public Media is made up of five services:

  • Wyoming Public Radio
  • Classical Wyoming
  • Jazz Wyoming
  • Wyoming Sounds
  • wyomingpublicmedia.org

Wyoming Public Media's Current Fundraising Goal

Wyoming Public Media believes that keeping the public informed is more important now than ever before and is dedicated to in-depth journalism and community engagement. Wyoming Public Media also provides cultural and entertaining programing which lets you escape from the current times.

It is important to invest in public radio, especially now, as we witness the role strong media plays in our lives. We cannot give up. Wyoming Public Media needs to remain at the forefront of every issue that arises within our community and our nation. This commitment requires your support today not only for yourself but for the benefit of the thousands of listeners who rely on strong media.

We have a fundraising goal of $30,000 goal for June, the remainder of our budget year, to stay on track for our overall goal.

If you pledged, thank you! If not, then take this moment to help WPM bridge the gap.

Help us make our goal!

How does WPM raise funds from individuals?

Fundraising is a year-long ongoing activity. WPM fundraising begins July 1 at the start of every fiscal year, and ends June 30 at its close. Money is collected from sustaining and installment members, one-time donors, donors to specific local programs, and many who give outside of fund drives. Then, we add the Fall and Spring fund drives, which produce a heightened level of excitement and remind many people to renew their pledge, increase it, or join WPM for the first time.

In addition, there are numerous "reminder" opportunities throughout the year, such as year-end drives, one-day drives, drives to increase new members, and others. The overall goal is to beat the clock and reach our goals by June 30.

The annual scheduled opportunities and goals are:

- Fall Drive $330,00
- Year End Drive $40,000
- Spring Drive $330,000
- Fiscal Year End (June) Drive $30,000

And then, we say "thank you" to our donors, and produce great public radio!