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Open Spaces: Podcast

A news and public affairs program about Wyoming and the Mountain West.

Latest Episodes
  • Today on the show, how, with Lake Powell at record lows, the federal government is paying farmers not to irrigate. We’ll also tag along on one of the hardest endurance races in the lower 48. We’ll also hear how the city of Boulder is considering giving tribes some land as reparations for the Sand Creek Massacre. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, we reach beyond our studios and bring you interviews from Wyoming PBS’ "Wyoming Chronicles." A group of people came together about 20 years ago in Rock Springs and founded a community theater group dedicated to producing plays that normally wouldn’t be seen in Wyoming. And we go down to Laramie, where we learn how the town was able to receive the “Great American Main Street” award last year.
  • Today on the show, we have come to the end of the Wyoming 67th legislative session. Three of our reporters bring us a recap. We check in with the Wyoming federal delegation including newly sworn-in congresswoman Harriet Hageman. We’ll hear how Wyomingites feel about the future of energy and how that plays into their everyday values. And Colorado state parks are increasing accessibility with technology. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, we hear from former Democratic Wyoming governor Dave Freudenthal. His book looks at the history of the state’s economy. We visit Rock Springs, which is expecting a lot of job growth. One community college is training students to fill that need. Plus, we hear about the newest podcast by Serial Productions based on a cold murder case in Laramie. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, three of our reporters spent time in Cheyenne this week covering the legislature. We’ll hear about how lawmakers are tackling energy - they’re looking at both renewables and more traditional fossil fuels. Mental health advocates believe another bill going through the legislature will be vital to help the suicide rate in the state. And anti-abortion lawmakers worried a bill could help the other side, but an amendment changed that. Plus - we hear about the newest season of the modern west podcast. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, the legislature is considering some bills that are turning off healthcare providers from coming and practicing in Wyoming. In January, communities nationwide try to count their homeless population. The number is on the rise in Gillette. Plus we speak to a Northern Arapaho singer/songwriter about his new music video. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, the second week of the legislative session has ended. If passed, a bill may soon protect a little-known archeological site in eastern Wyoming. Plus, policymakers are considering a bill they hope will stall the anticipated decline of coal. And it's been some 80 years since Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps throughout our region…one is set to be restored by the National Park Service. Join us for these stories and more.
  • Today on the show, the Wyoming 67th legislative session has begun. We spoke with a few of the leader policymakers. Across the west, bighorn sheep are at risk of catching pneumonia. Wyoming researchers are trying to understand why different herds react differently. And the federal government has been looking for solutions to the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous people, but progress has been slow. Those stories and more.
  • Today, we’re looking back at our stories from 2022. The newsroom picked a couple of our favorites. We’ll hear about how two hospitals in the state cut pregnancy services this year. A team at the University of Wyoming is trying to help return cultural artifacts in museums to their rightful owners. And we look into how rising temperatures can affect the livestock industry. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, we have a special holiday themed Open Spaces! A nationwide program connects kids and cops to help foster a good relationship between the two. If you write a letter to Santa Claus, it's sometimes hard to know if and when he receives them. One program in Southwest Wyoming makes sure you get a personalized response. And we'll hear from you all - about your favorite holiday traditions. Those stories and more.