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Open Spaces: Podcast

A news and public affairs program about Wyoming and the Mountain West.

Latest Episodes
  • Today on the show, we'll float down the Snake River with the Wyoming Game and Fish, trying to get a better understanding of cutthroat trout. Wyoming's new congresswoman Harriett Hageman speaks to us about her plans for her new position. And we tag along for two different contests…. we'll taste test tap water in our region, and visit a mustache competition in Casper. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, we take a look at the increased number of challengers that are on the local ballots for the upcoming election. And ask Wyomingites what they're worried about in the state. And resident hunters in the Mountain West often have a favorite piece of public land to hunt. For some, though, it seems to be getting a bit crowded. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, we hear from Republican candidate for State Superintendent Megen Degenfelder. Elk hunting season is already in full swing this year, however, the Game and Fish Department says warmer weather is making it harder to fill tags. Plus we get into the Halloween spirit and learn more about ghost tours. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park, we have a special show today. We’ll hear about how the park is dealing with infrastructure impacts from a record flood this year and how the park is hoping to continue its relationship with tribal nations. We’ll also hear a little bit about the creation of the national park - the upsides and the downsides.
  • Today on the show, hay prices are at an all time high, mostly because of inflation, and it's costing farmers more than ever to produce hay. We take a look at how Wyoming's economy is faring since COVID-19. And we'll hear how the Wyoming Department of Health is prioritizing behavioral health care. Those stories and more.
  • I'm Bob Beck. I'll be wrapping up my career in a couple of weeks and folks asked me to bring you a few stories from my time here at the station. We'll remember a crash that killed 8 cross country runners. Also a look back at the Matthew Shepard murder. But I'll also bring you stories about a Choir Director turned weightlifter, bullfighters, and the kindness ranch. Join me as I bring you some stories from my past.
  • Today on the show, a conflict over public lands access in Wyoming and why four hunters are being charged in federal court for trespassing without stepping foot on private land. The author of a book of essays notes that Wyoming people can be part of the solution. The Wyoming State Fair is holding up better than some of its counterparts in other parts of the country. Plus Wyoming's nuclear future. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, we'll hear about how more and more livestock are suffering and dying from heat stress as the climate heats up. The Northern Arapaho are asking the state to create a law that helps protect Indigenous children involved in custody proceedings. And we'll hear about a new book that looks at our relationship with public lands and wild horses. Those stories and more...
  • Today on the show, we will review efforts to remove election powers from the Secretary of State's office following the election of Chuck Gray. Wyoming is a top producer in the fossil fuel industry. Congress is pushing the state to take a harder look at how the industry impacts climate change. And food banks across the region are facing shortages. Those stories and more.
  • Today on the show, A playwright reading based on the life of a Wyoming man who openly crossdressed will tour the Cowboy state. Recreational trails - like for hiking or biking - are all over the state…but some are better than others. One community is beginning to refurbish its old trails. A look at an affordable housing development at the Teton County fairgrounds. Those stories and more.