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Beyond the Range
Beyond the Range
Dustin Neal
Dustin Neal

Beyond the Range - Episode 5 Branding Wyoming Part 2

Dustin Neal…Wyoming native, UW grad, creative. Dustin is a Partner and Principal Creative at the Bark Firm in Casper. What is the difference between Branding and Marketing? How does an entrepreneur, small business, organization or difference maker introduce their ideas and innovations to the world? How does Branding factor into Wyoming’s economic diversification equation? How can we keep young people in Wyoming? These questions and more are answered in this episode of the Beyond the Range podcast. So saddle up partner as we tell the story of a Wyoming born creative helping businesses and organizations of all sizes shape the future and grow the Wyoming brand worldwide!

BTR Ep 5 Dustin Neal .mp4

Amber Pollock

Beyond the Range - Episode 4 - Amber Pollock

BTR Ep 4 Amber Pollock.mp4

Let's kick off summer with a nice economic diversification cocktail featuring Amber Pollock, founder and owner of Backwards Distilling in Casper. She takes us on her journey from her childhood in Casper to launching her company and growing her brand. Amber also addresses her involvement in Engage Wyoming (https://www.engagewyoming.org/) and ENDOW (https://www.endowyo.biz/). So sit back, relax and let your ideas and inspiration flow! Happy Summer 2024 Wyoming!

Cathy Holman
Cathy Holman

Beyond the Range Podcast episode 3: Branding Wyoming Part 1: Cathy Holman

Beyond the Range-Cathy Holman.mp4

Cathy Holman is a media personality, blogger, Wyoming influencer, founder, and principal creative with PrairieWifeInHeels.com. In this episode, Cathy walks us through the first principles small business owners, startup founders, and the rest of us Wyoming folks can do to create a successful brand in Wyoming. Branding is all about being authentic and living in Wyoming is often an exercise in authenticity. Cathy shares her story of growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moving to Wyoming with dreams of marrying a cowboy- which came true by way of a chance meeting at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Five kids later and a successful career in media she's found her home on the range and a formula for success we can all learn from living in the land of high altitudes and low multitudes Wyoming.

Dr. Jason Shogren

Breaking the Boom and Bust Cycle - Episode 2 W/ Dr. Jason Shogren

Beyond the Range - J Shogren.mp4

In episode 2 we sit down and chat with Dr. Jason Shogren to teach us about economics and economic diversification in the 21st century. Dr. Shogren is the Stroock Chair of Natural Resource Conservation and Management at the University of Wyoming, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and groovy musician.

Wyoming’s path to economic diversification will involve moving away from a wide-scale reliance on revenues derived from energy based mineral extraction to the reliance on more diversified sources of revenue. The make up of our economy and perhaps our landscapes will no doubt change and Dr. Shogren helps us understand what are the trade-offs we must consider?.. Wyoming residents cherish wide open spaces and off-the-beaten path lifestyles but economic diversification could bring more people into our state. How do we strike a balance and still strike it rich? How do we break the boom and bust economy? Dr. Shogren defines the questions Wyoming will need to be asking as we navigate towards a future of economic diversification.

Rebecca Burns

Beyond the Range Episode 1: Rebecca Burns

Our first episode: Rebecca Burns, Executive Director of the Powell Economic Partnership - Pathways to Prosperity in Ag Country

Beyond the Range Podcast is a series dedicated to exploring the topic of economic diversification in Wyoming. Through short-form and long-form interviews, the podcast aims to gather insights from entrepreneurs, artists, academics, personalities, community organizers, politicians, professionals and technologists on the topic. Our guests have 20 minutes to share.

their thoughts, insights and recommendations on the future of economic diversification in the state.

Beyond the Range Podcast aims to make the topic accessible and interesting while providing impactful solutions and human-driven inspiration. The ultimate goal is to help our audience understand and visualize the path to economic diversification and engage in discussions on the topic. If a barley farmer in Lovell and a UW economics professor in Laramie can both understand and visualize the path to economic diversification; and they both have fun thinking and talking about the issues and solutions we present, we’ve done our job.

Season 1: Economic Diversification in Action: The good, the bad, the lovely


Marko Ruble (Host)

Marko is an entrepreneur, artist and father living in Cody, Wy. He is the founder of yerguides.io a company building blockchain solutions for remote workers. He also founded WHAT Fest, a music and arts festival bringing the arts to rural Wyoming since 2003.

Will Ross (Engineer)

Will is an artist, producer and father living in Cody. He is a partner at Western AF media specializing in live audio and video recording. Western AF media is a multi-media production company documenting modern Western Americana music artists and experiences.