Wyoming Primary Elections

Wyoming's primary election results have been certified by the state's canvassing board.

The August 18 election brought in the highest primary turnout ever for a presidential election year in Wyoming, at around 61 percent of registered voters participating. Of that, 62 percent chose to vote in-person on election day or in-person absentee ahead of time. Leaving 53,601 absentee votes sent through the mail.

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office says that Tuesday’s primary election had an average turnout of registered voters.

State Elections Director Peggy Nighswonger says that it was comparable to previous primaries.                           

“Voter turnout for the primary elections was 46 percent of those registered to vote. Turnout is generally much higher for the general election. So if history repeats itself, we’ll likely see a lot more people at the polls on November 4th.”

In Tuesday's legislative primaries, four incumbents lost their seats including House Education Chairman Matt Teeters of Goshen County.  

Teeters made headlines in the last budget session when he added a footnote to the budget that blocked the State Board of Education from reviewing the Next Generation Science Standards. He was easily defeated by Cheri Steinmetz who grabbed 59 percent of the vote.  

Mead Wins GOP Primary

Aug 20, 2014

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead overcame strong challenges from Superintendent Cindy Hill and Doctor Taylor Haynes to win the Republican primary. 

Mead won the race despite upsetting the Republican base over his support of legislation that removed State Superintendent Cindy Hill as the supervisor of the Department of Education. Mead says it helped to be able to travel the state and meet with people.

To have a chance in small groups, one and one, and some large groups, take questions and have people hear firsthand from me. I thought that was extremely helpful.”

Senator Mike Enzi (R)

After winning Tuesday's primary, incumbent Republican US Senator Mike Enzi will face off against Democrat Charlie Hardy in the November general election.

The Republican race was once expected to be tight, with Enzi facing a challenge from Liz Cheney, but Enzi won in a landslide after Cheney dropped out earlier this year. His four lesser-known challengers collectively took less than 20 percent of the vote. Going into the general election, Enzi says he won't be campaigning against Democrat Charlie Hardy, but instead promoting his record.

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Incumbent Mark Gordon clinched the Republican nomination for Wyoming State Treasurer in yesterday’s primary by a wide margin. He beat out challenger Ron Redo.

Gordon was appointed Wyoming’s State Treasurer in 2012 after the death of former Treasurer Joe Meyer. Gordon says for the last two years he was obligated to carry out the promises of his predecessor.

“But now that, you know, I have a reasonably good chance of proceeding on into office it really feels a lot more like me and I’m more on the line,” said Gordon. “And that’s a good thing, I like that challenge.

Ed Murray for Wyoming (campaign)

Last night Ed Murray emerged with the GOP nomination for Secretary of State after running a close race against Ed Buchanan.

Buchanan was in the lead from when the polls closed at 7pm until almost 11, when results from Laramie County, the state’s largest, tipped the race decisively towards Ed Murray.

“I felt it was going to be a close race from the get go,” said Murray from Cheyenne. “We worked hard every day in anticipation that it would be close.

Incumbent US Representative Cynthia Lummis easily secured her party’s nomination in Tuesday's primary election, and likely also a fourth term in the House. The AP reports her general election challenger, Democrat Richard Grayson, has not been campaigning.

Due to the summer, turnout may not be high during today’s primary election. That will mean that fewer people will decide some key races. 

One of the hotly contested races involves Governor Matt Mead and challengers Taylor Haynes and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill. University of Wyoming Political Scientist Jim King said the governor needs his supporters to vote.

“The concern I would think in the Mead camp right now would be making sure that people don’t just assume that everything is fine and find something else to do that day.”

Caroline Ballard talks to Public Radio News Director Bob Beck to provide some insights on Wyoming's primary elections.

Election 2014 - Wyoming Primary Debates

Aug 11, 2014

This week Wyoming Public Radio will broadcast a series of debates from Central Wyoming College in Riverton. The debates will be hosted by Wyoming PBS and are co-sponsored by Wyoming Public Radio and the Wyoming Business Report.

Listen live on Wyoming Public Radio Monday through Thursday, August 11-14.

Monday, August 11
7 p.m.
Republican Candidates

  • Cindy Hill
  • Matt Mead
  • Taylor Haynes

8 p.m.
State Treasurer
Republican Candidates