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As Wyoming's only university, the University of Wyoming is committed to explore, create, and share knowledge. Wyoming Public Media captures the work of scholars, learners, and leaders who are committed to serving the state of Wyoming and contributing to national and international intellectual growth. You can hear some of our stories and features on these pages. They reflect the work of hundreds of individuals dedicated to the University of Wyoming vision to imagine the future and to create it.

Latest Stories
  • A blue book with white headphones "plugged into it" and the headphones hooked over the book.
    College students could soon be getting their course content as they brush their teeth, cook dinner, or drive to work. As smart speakers become more common in people's homes, Tiffany Hunt, an associate lecturer in the special education department at the University of Wyoming, is studying how they can be used to improve college student's learning.
  • An Amazon Echo on a white background.
    When the pandemic hit and parents were suddenly tasked with helping teach their kids at home, there was a lot for them to quickly learn. So Tiffany Hunt, a University of Wyoming associate lecturer in the special education department, stepped in to help fill the gap. She partnered with colleagues from UW, the University of Kansas, and the University of Illinois to create a series of apps known as Amazon Alexa skills.