Teton County, Jackson Officials Ask Horn Hunters To Stay Home

Apr 27, 2020

Credit Elk Return to the Bay Area - KQED QUEST Flickr Set.

Friday, May 1, is the opening day of shed antler hunting season. So far restrictions on how many people can come into the area have not been enforced by state or local officials. But Teton County and the town of Jackson administrators and public health officials are asking hunters to stay at home.

Antler shed hunting brings hundreds of Wyomingites and out-of-staters to the Jackson Hole area annually. But this year, local officials are worried about so many people coming to the area.

Teton County Unified Command Lori Iverson said an influx of visitors could be a health safety problem.

"It puts our community at risk when people come here from so many other locations, and it jeopardizes their own community, their families, their health care infrastructure when they return home from being here," she said.

Most years, visitors come a couple of days early to stock up and enjoy the area. But Iverson said as Teton County has the third most COVID-19 confirmed cases, it's not a great time to have an influx of visitors.

"Though people may spread out eventually, there's often a lot of congestion and tight parking at trailheads and access points. The very thing we're asking all recreationists not to do now," she said.

Teton County Commissioners requested a one month suspension to the season, but the Wyoming Game and Fish Commision denied the request.

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