Sheridan Hosts First-Ever Winter Rodeo

Feb 26, 2019

A skijoring team sails down the course on Broadway Street at the first-ever Sheridan Winter Rodeo on Saturday, February 23, 2019. It was the largest skijoring competition so far this year in the U.S.
Credit Catherine Wheeler / Wyoming Public Media

Sheridan hosted its first-ever winter rodeo in February. The main event was a skijoring competition-the largest competition so far this year in the U.S.

There were over 100 competitors in divisions for all skill levels.

The course was set up on Broadway Street in downtown Sheridan and was built by moving 400 dump truck loads of snow to the street.

The festival was created as a way to boost morale and tourism during the slow winter tourist season, said Shawn Parker, executive director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism.

"We identified the slowest, deadest month of year-it's, of course, February-[and] the worst weekend of the year for the tourism economy. And we said that's when we're going, that's what we're going to target," Parker said.

While Sheridan experiences a lot of tourism in the summer months, the winter is usually a slow time of year despite the town's access to the mountains and winter activities, Parker said.

Crowd estimates ranged from 2,500 to 3,000 people.

Parker said he is hopeful the town has created a new winter tradition.