Photo Exhibit Features Wyoming's Sense Of Community

Sep 16, 2019

Northwest College's Sinclair Gallery is celebrating a local journalist's new book with a photo exhibit. The exhibit titled, "Wyoming - Perspectives on a Small Town with Long Streets," is by longtime Powell journalist Dennis Davis. The exhibit also debuts Davis' new book of the same title.

The exhibit displays Davis' photos of landscape, wildlife and portraits. Davis said this project started four and half years ago.

"I guess [it's a] long time idea of trying to understand the state, trying to understand it and what it means," said Davis. "But it's particularly important at this point where we're seeing some enormous changes in the energy industry, which has been the backbone of the state's economy."

Davis said he decided to document how the state is handling the enormous changes in the energy industry and its nickname as the "Equality State" through photography, interviews and video content.

"I did a series of videos with people all across the state to examine that as well as some unusual things that I thought were kind of interesting like visiting the four corners of the Wyoming," said Davis.

More information can be found at The exhibit will run through November 1 in Powell.