In-Person Events For Longmire Days Canceled

Jun 1, 2020

Credit Warner Brothers

As major summer events throughout the state get canceled, one more has been added to the list. The Longmire Days festival in Buffalo has called off its in-person activities this year.

The annual festival celebrates the books and subsequent television show about the fictional Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire. The books' author Craig Johnson based the town of Durant, Wyoming on Buffalo.

During the four-day event, Johnson and the show's actors gather to talk with fans about the series. In the past, the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce has organized the event in the past, but for the upcoming festival, Johnson, his wife, Judy and the Longmire Foundation were taking over the planning.

The celebration draws $2.5 to 3 million into the community, along with hundreds of people.

Organizers had initially pushed back the event date to August due to the health and safety concerns that come with large gatherings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but ultimately decided to cancel this year's event.

"The safety of everyone, as always, is foremost in our minds and we feel that the risk to the fans, actors, and our community is just too great," states a press release from organizers.

However, the Longmire Foundation said it will be holding virtual events, such as watch parties, in place of in-person activities. That announcement will come at a later date.

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