May 15th, 2020

Credit Catherine Wheeler

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Fewer Cars On The Road, Fewer Dollars For Highways: What COVID-19 Means For WYDOT

While many businesses are losing money in the state, so are some Wyoming agencies. One that's getting the hardest hit is the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler explains.

Job Market Is Mixed For University Of Wyoming Grads

College students are leaving the University of Wyoming into an unknown job market. Normally students would have jobs lined up, but these are not normal times. Jo Chytka is UW's Director of Advising, Career and Exploratory Studies. She joins Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck to discuss the situation.

What Ramadan Looks Like During COVID-19

It's usually around this time that Muslim international students would travel home to celebrate the rest of Ramadan together with their families. Ramadan is a significant holiday for Muslims around the world. But that's not happening this year due to COVID -19. Wyoming Public Radio's Naina Rao reports.

Fort Washakie School's "5 Buffalo Days" Celebration Moves Online

Over the past two years, the Fort Washakie School has revived a tradition called the 5 Buffalo Days, a week-long celebration of the cultural and ecological significance of buffalo for Plains Native people. This year's celebration had to be moved online, but tribal educators say the lessons students learn during the 5 buffalo days are more important than ever. Wyoming Public Radio's Savannah Maher spoke with one of those educators.

State Parks Open For Wyoming Residents

State Parks are opening this weekend to Wyoming residents only. To ensure that this is the case the Department of Outdoor Recreation and State Parks has instituted a reservation process that's only opened to Wyoming residents. Deputy Director Dave Glenn discusses the plan with Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck.

One Stinky Solution To Hurting Tourism Economies

It's not just state parks considering the safest way to welcome tourists. As national parks prepare to open up, everybody is trying to figure out new and more inventive ways to track the virus. Gateway communities have come up with a truly unique approach…testing their community's poop. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska explains.

Cowboy Hats And Pride Flags: How One Activist Is Fighting For LGBTQ Rights The Wyoming Way

Being gay in Wyoming can be challenging, but LGBTQ activist, and performing artist, Andrew Munz has decided to stay and try to make things better. Wyoming Public Radio's Megan Feighery spoke to Munz about art, activism, and growing up in the cowboy state.

COVID-19 Tests Hospitals' Financial Fragility – And New Ways Of Delivering Health Care

The United States is seeing its highest unemployment levels since the Great Depression. And nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers are not immune to pay cuts and furloughs. The Mountain West News Bureau's Noah Glick reports on what that means here.

Introverts Rejoice And We All Learn How To Use Our Phones: Wyomingites' Pandemic Silver Linings

The news can tend to focus on everything that's going wrong. So Wyoming Public Radio's Erin Jones wanted to know about Wyomingites' pandemic silver linings. Here are some of the voicemails you left.