March 19th, 2021

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Pandemic Highlights Need For More Meatpacking Capacity Statewide

Even though Wyoming has twice as many cattle as people, the state does not have a robust meatpacking facility network. In fact, there are mostly only small custom facilities in the state with only a few that can send products across state lines. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska reports how the pandemic has propelled those in charge to change this.

A Bid To End The Death Penalty Goes Beyond Partisan Lines

These days, whether you're a lawmaker or a citizen, you may be having trouble agreeing on just about anything with someone on the other end of the political spectrum. But one issue is seeing bona fide bipartisan support in at least one state in our region. Wyoming Public Radio's Maggie Mullen explains.

WEA President Discusses Education Funding Cuts

Over the last couple of weeks the Wyoming House and Senate has been making changes to the funding model that funds schools in the state. Most of the focus has been on cuts with the Senate trimming over 100 million dollars and the house somewhere around 60 million. The funding model provides money that schools say they need to operate and is court mandated. To change the model there needs to be evidence that less is needed. Grady Hutcherson is the President of the Wyoming Education Association. I asked him if the legislature is doing things legally.

An Audio Postcard: Getting My First COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations in the state have been proceeding at different rates in every county. Albany County is currently on Group 1C, which includes journalists. Wyoming Public Radio's Ivy Engel takes us along to her first vaccine appointment.

Albany County Wind Debate Rife With Misinformation

Albany County is deep in a debate about the possibility of wind development within its borders. Wyoming Public Radio's Jeff Victor reports that finding facts about the issue can be difficult.

Words Matter For Scientists-Here's Why

Communicating science is important, especially when it saves lives like in the COVID-19 pandemic. But it's difficult to do when words mean different things to scientists and the public. Wyoming Public Radio's Ashley Piccone explains why word choice matters for scientists and the people listening to them.

Sundance Resident Marlene Cooper Remembered For Her Laugh, Style

More than 530,000 Americans have died due to COVID-19. And that includes close to 700 Wyomingites. In our series to honor their lives, Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler spoke with Lacey Petersen, the granddaughter of longtime Sundance resident Marlene Cooper. Cooper died from the coronavirus in November 2020. Petersen starts by remembering her 86-year-old grandmother's early years in Sundance.

Best-Selling "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" Author Comes To Wyoming With His Latest Book

Originally published online in 2004, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a series of fiction books that share the story of Greg Heffney, a teenage character, and his journal entries as he navigates middle school. When it was published into a print series in 2006, it became an instant bestseller across the world. Now, author Jeff Kinney is trying something different.

His latest book, called Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories, pivots to zombies, vampires, and ghosts. Kinney held a drive-thru book tour throughout the Mountain West region including stops in Casper and Rock Springs this month.

Wyoming Public Radio's Naina Rao sat down with the author to talk about his new book, what inspired him to create this series, and the magnitude of success he's experienced with his work.

Wyoming Cowgirls Head To Big Dance After Winning First Mountain West Championship

Last year March Madness was canceled. But this year the NCAA tournament is back. More than one hundred teams will fight for both the womens and men's national basketball title. The Mountain West News Bureau's Stephanie Serrano reports that from our region, the women's team is making history.