February 7th, 2020

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The Shale Revolution Is Changing Fast… And Wyoming Is Vulnerable

Fracking and horizontal drilling helped revolutionize the oil and gas industry over the past decade. But recently, that speedy growth has cost energy producers… pushing prices too low and now scaring off investors, causing bankruptcies to ravage the industry. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports Wyoming companies and the state itself may be particularly vulnerable.

Wyoming Senators Try To Put Trump's Vision Into Law

Wyoming lawmakers loved what they heard in President Trump’s State of the Union address – but now the hard part comes of them trying to figure out how to get his vision enacted into law. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from Washington. 

The President Of Wyoming Medical Society Weighs In On A Couple Of Pieces Of Legislation

The Wyoming Legislature will be addressing a number of issues surrounding health care when it convenes next week. One will be Medicaid expansion and another is the return oif an effort to give optometrists the ability to perform certain eye surgeries. Some believe that should be left up to Ophthalmologists who specialize in such things. Doctor David Wheeler is the President of the Wyoming Medical Society joins us to explain why he doesn’t like that bill.

Survey: Americans Agree Health Care System Needs Fixing

Americans are divided on lots of issues. But a new survey shows across partisan lines, people agree on at least one thing: the U.S. health care system needs fixing.

Side Effects Public Media’s Christine Herman spoke with several people who participated in the survey from Public Agenda and USA Today. Her report is part of the “America Amplified -- Election 2020” collaboration.

WYDOT: Don't Crowd The Plow!

With a new round of winter storms, the Wyoming Department of Transportation has been clearing interstates and highways. And they have a favor to ask: stop running into their snow plows. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler explains. 

Tiny Houses: Teaching Students How To Build A House From A To Z

Vocational classes that teach high school students trade skills like business and construction are common in our state. And one school is taking its vocational skills to the next level. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska reports Lovell High School is now in the tiny house business.

Critically Acclaimed Play Puts Young Intellectual Conservatives In The Spotlight

An off Broadway play made waves last year for being about the most unlikely of subjects…young, intellectual Catholic conservatives. Set in Wyoming, Will Arbery's play Heroes of the Fourth Turning does not reject or promote right wing values.

Instead it lets the viewer interpret the meaning entirely for themselves. The play completed its run at Playwrights Horizons theater in New York last fall, but he hopes to eventually bring the play to Wyoming.

Arbery told Wyoming Public Radio's Megan Feighery that when he began writing, he couldn’t have imagined setting the play anywhere else.