Cody Looks At Its Future

Sep 11, 2019

Credit Cody Community Review

Cody is participating in the Community Review Project. The project is meant to help local leaders develop future goals. The Wyoming Business Council and the University of Wyoming Extension Office collaborated to launch the survey.

Ten years ago, Cody utilized a similar process to create the 2020 report. That report looked at where the community hoped to be in 2020. Mayor Matt Hall said it's time to reassess.

He said 2,200 Cody residents will be chosen at random and receive a postcard survey. It focuses on where people envision Cody in the next five to ten to 20 years.

"I think some of the problems we have as community leaders and council is our range of view of things tends to be that 5 year what's going to happen, that long range kind of plan so it's nice to get input from people," said Hall.

He said he imagines a lot of replies will include how to enhance outdoor recreation in the community. Hall said public meetings will be held in early October to gather more input. Then all the data will be compiled into a written report including recommendations and guidance for community leaders.