Nolan Behnke

News Intern

My name is Nolan Behnke, I'm a Journalism major, at the University of Wyoming. I am in my third year at the University. I have taken a variety of classes at the University, but this is my first internship. I wanted to intern at WPR because I enjoy radio to an extent and what goes into producing it. I also thought it would be a great place to discover how to write news well and get a sense of how it affects the world around me. I plan on pursuing some career in journalism when I receive my degree. I would love to work with film in the future. I have a blog with some of my work called Nolan's Corner on Wordpress. I have participated in the Western Thunder Marching Band. I am apart of the 7220 entertainment films committee. Some of my interests include movies, television, video games, books, music, and others.

Southwestern Advantage

The previous headline for this story incorrectly used the word fraudulent when describing summer employment concerns. Wyoming Public Media regrets the error. 

With the end of the school year just weeks away students are looking for summer employment, but the University of Wyoming warns students to avoid jobs or internships that sound too good to be true. This involves employers who promise large sums for minimal work.


UW is hosting a mock trial on April 15 based on a historic event that happened right here in Wyoming. In 1885 one woman's husband was killed. He was one of the Chinese coal miners killed in the Rock Springs Massacre that resulted in 28 to 50 deaths, all Chinese immigrants.

A new law passed in the Wyoming government gives the University of Wyoming approval and funding for new student housing construction. This bill came about after years of discussion about developing new student housing.

The University of Wyoming has fallen prey to a higher concentration of spam and virus e-mails in the past few months, according to the university's Office of Information Technology.