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UW Warns Students To Be Careful About Summer Employment

Southwestern Advantage

The previous headline for this story incorrectly used the word fraudulent when describing summer employment concerns. Wyoming Public Media regrets the error. 

With the end of the school year just weeks away students are looking for summer employment, but the University of Wyoming warns students to avoid jobs or internships that sound too good to be true. This involves employers who promise large sums for minimal work.

UW has called attention to the marketing company Southwestern Advantage. Vice President of Student Affairs Sean Blackburn said in his email that the university does not endorse this company.

The company recruits and trains students to sell educational books, software and website subscriptions door-to-door. A number of universities have banned Southwestern Advantage from recruiting students because of their aggressive tactics like requiring students to share the contact information of friends so they can also be recruited.

Shane Blick a field sales leader with Southwestern Advantage said that's a false charge.

"We had a career services lady sit in on one of those meetings last year," said Blick. One of the comments she made was she liked that we didn't pressure anybody to recommend any peers."

UW also recommends that students be aware of scammers who request a lot of personal information or any money.

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