Wyoming Game And Fish Encourages Outdoor Exploration

Aug 21, 2020

Credit Wyoming Game and Fish Department

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is encouraging kids and their families to get outside and learn more about the state's wildlife with their "Inspire a Kid" program. The program kicked off in June with the release of the "Wyo-100" checklist which features 100 outdoor activities to do across the state.

"The Inspire a Kid checklist is to help kids find those things that they're super passionate about, things that they'll value in the future," said Game and Fish spokeswoman Sara DiRienzo. "And we're hoping that also it's just fun for families and we want to give families something to do outdoors, especially right now when there's been a shift in activities because of COVID-19."

There has been a surge of people enjoying the outdoors due to the coronavirus pandemic and DiRienzo says the checklist is a good resource for anyone wanting to explore Wyoming.

"People who are older who are looking to have fun outside and don't know where to start - this is a great list for pretty much anyone who wants to get outside. One of the other barriers to getting people outside is that sometimes they need someone to show them the way or give them a little confidence, so it helps people expand the activities they may already be doing," DiRienzo said. "And it also helps mentors who might be out there who want to take a kid outside or if you have a friend that you're trying to get involved with outdoors, this is a great list on stuff that you can start with."

The Inspire a Kid webpage has activities that go along with the checklist, like how to make fish tacos with the fish you caught in Wyoming waters, and extra unrelated activities. Those taking part in the checklist can tag Wyoming Game and Fish in their photos on social media and use the hashtag #INSPIREDBYWY.

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