Teton County Shuts Down Non-Essential Businesses

Mar 17, 2020

Credit Public Domain

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Teton County is shutting down all non-essential businesses for 14 days. 

This includes bars, coffee shops, gyms, museums, ski areas and country clubs. Restaurants are exempt if they provide curbside service or delivery. Jackson Mayor Pete Muldoon said the decision will protect the county, but also put many people out of work.

He urged residents to contribute to a fund at the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole to help displaced workers.

"This fund will help our struggling workers who are being laid off now due to these non-essential business closings. People are going to be in need of food, for medicine, of money for rent," said Muldoon.

In two weeks, county and town officials will review the business shutdown to determine if it is still necessary.

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