Petition to restore powers to State Superintendent fails

May 31, 2013

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office says a petition drive to repeal a law removing powers from the State Superintendent has fallen short. 

State Elections Director Peggy Nighswonger says she notified the Wyoming Constitution Party that the referendum will not be placed on the ballot.

“The petition filed on May 28th did not have the number of signatures required by Wyoming’s Constitution in Article 3 section 52,” Nighswonger said.

“The petition was required to have the signatures of 37,606 registered voters, which represented 15 percent of those voting in the 2012 general election.  However, the petition filed with the Secretary of State on Tuesday contained 21,991 signatures.”

Organizer Jennifer Young issued a statement saying that the referendum might have failed, but she expects Wyoming voters will hold lawmakers and Gov. Matt Mead, who enacted the law, accountable.