Northwest College Begins Work On New Strategic Plan

Nov 14, 2019

Credit Northwest College

Northwest College is in the process of creating its next five-year strategic plan. The college held listening sessions among business leaders, students and faculty to get community feedback.

Northwest College President Stefani Hicswa said the comments and discussions were fruitful, and that there was interest in focusing on recruiting students.

"There was a lot of discussion about focusing on our facilities, to ensure that our facilities meet the needs of our communities and our future students," she said.

Hicswa said a part of this was diversifying the curriculum to add more trade programs.

"Northwest College traditionally has been a transfer focused institution. And that has been very, very good. And we have an excellent reputation for that," said Hicswa. "And we don't have any plans to move away from that at all. But there are certainly opportunities for us to add programs."

She said now the college will analyze the data to see which categories are most important. Hicswa said the college will complete its five year strategic plan by the spring. The previous five year plan expires in June 2020.

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