May 1st, 2020

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Reported COVID-19 Numbers Are The Floor, Not The Ceiling

Wyoming is one of the states with the fewest number of COVID-19 lab confirmed cases. That's good news. But officials say the state still needs to be careful and not fall into a false sense of security that could cause a second wave and end up being disastrous to the health and economy of the state. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska reports.

While Wyoming Eases Restriction, The Wind River Reservation Remains Locked Down

Our state is one of a handful that never issued a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of COVID-19. But the two tribes on the Wind River Reservation have taken a different approach. Tribal members face fines and even jail time for violating a stay-at-home order there. And as Wyoming begins to lift statewide restrictions, the reservation is locking down even tighter. The Wyoming Public Radio's Savannah Maher reports.

Bride To Be, But When? How The Coronavirus Cancelled Wedding Season

Summer is coming up which usually means people are getting ready for wedding season. But as Wyoming Public Radio's Megan Feighery reports, this summer will be very different.

Pandemic Puts Co-Parenting Arrangements To The Test

One listener recently wrote to us to ask about recommendations for parenting if you are separated or divorced during the pandemic. The Mountain West News Bureau's Nate Hegyi reached out to both a family law attorney and some folks that are navigating the issue.

There's A Possibility Of False Negatives From The COVID-19 Test. So What?

As Wyoming slowly begins to reopen, the department of health says widespread testing is critical. In the simplest terms, the COVID-19 test works by taking a sample from a potentially infected individual and it's scanned for the virus. But it turns out like any test - the COVID-19 test is NOT 100 percent accurate. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska spoke with University of Wyoming associate professor of community and public health Dr. Christine Porter about why it matters that there is a possibility of false negatives.

COVID-19 Has Delayed The Climate Change Debate

Before coronavirus shut down much of the U.S. economy leaders in the Republican Party were slowly adapting their policies to address climate change, because young folks of all stripes say they want elected leaders to address it. But, as Matt Laslo reports from Washington, Wyoming lawmakers are torn on how their party should address the political - and scientific - problem.

Wyoming Ranks Among The Top For Residents Signed Up For Organ Donation

National Donate Life Month just wrapped up. Every April, advocates celebrate and recognize organ, eye and tissue donation, something that anyone can sign up to do at the time of their death. Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler spoke with Ryea' O'Neill from Wyoming's Donor Alliance.

How To Write-Or Just Get Through The Day- Under "Constant Anxiety"

By some accounts, Shakespeare wrote King Lear while he was physical distancing during the plague. But that puts a lot of pressure on anyone trying to do creative work while life is in limbo. Wyoming Public Radio's Erin Jones wondered how Wyoming writers are coping with quarantine in 2020 and what we can learn from them about creativity in times of stress.

Drag Queen Bingo, Source Of Support For HIV/AIDS Patients, Delayed Until October

If not for the coronavirus, this month would have seen the return of Drag Queen Bingo to Laramie. The fundraiser, which draws hundreds of people each year, was rescheduled for October. The bingo is hosted by the troupe, the Stilettos … and raises money to help Wyomingites living with HIV and AIDS. Wyoming Public Radio's Jeff Victor spoke with Jim Osborn, who performs with the Stilettos as Martina, or Marti Gras.