July 27th, 2018

Credit Kamila Kudelska

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Blockchain Technology Could Make Wyoming Beef A Premium Product

Wyoming’s agriculture industry is trying its hand at blockchain technology. Beefchain.io, a private company, is one of those businesses that started after Wyoming passed a number of pro-blockchain laws. The goal is to use blockchain technology to track data points about cattle and share the information with consumers: pasture to plate.

Is Wyoming Prepared For A Recession?

Trade disputes, flattening yield curves, higher inflation… these all have economists worried a recession may soon be coming. A report from Goldman Sachs put the likelihood at 17.6 percent in the next two years. As Wyoming recovers from a recent energy downturn, we ask whether the state is ready to handle another economic slowdown. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim has more.

Wyoming's Natural Gas Could Decrease Russia's Influence In Europe

Wyoming’s lawmakers in Washington are looking for ways to decrease Russia’s influence in Europe, and they think they may be able to do it with good ole fashioned Wyoming natural resources.

Democrat Hopes His Experience Will Land Him A Congressional Seat

Democrat Greg Hunter is a geologist who’s based in Laramie and he’s running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Hunter has worked in the energy industry and as a consultant for the federal government on a range of environmental issues and he’s very concerned about Wyoming’s natural resources. He joins Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck. 

Wyoming's Black Hills Are An Oasis For An Endangered Bat…But A Killer Fungus Is Creeping Closer

A deadly fungus is fast wiping out bats in the eastern U.S. The Northern long eared is even facing extinction. But the Black Hills in Wyoming and South Dakota have been a kind of oasis of safety for the species. Or it was…now the fungus is headed this way. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards went out with researchers who are trying to protect the bat to learn more.

Critics Say New Rule Could Send Wild Horses To The Slaughterhouse

The federal government says there are too many wild horses in the U.S. So they are upping the number of captured horses people can buy. But as the Mountain West News Bureau’s Nate Hegyi explains, critics feel that’s a slippery slope to the slaughterhouse.

Hay Is For Horses... When They Can Get It

Hay prices are spiking this year, driven up by a drought-induced shortage of the crop. It’s affecting ranchers across the board, but horse owners in particular are feeling the pinch. Horses eat higher quality hay, so it’s harder to get. It’s forcing horse owners in Colorado to buy more hay from neighboring states like Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana and that’s driving the cost up even more.  

Do Politics Go With Football? 50 Years Ago Wyoming's Black 14 Said Yes

Football season kicks off soon with the sport still mired in controversy over whether players should stand for the national anthem. A new NFL policy that would force them to do that is now in limbo while the league negotiates with its players. But the underlying debate over whether political protest belongs on the football field is a familiar story to the University of Wyoming.

Fly Fishing, Target Shooting, And Horned Lizards: "Game Warden Olympics" Test Skills Of Conservation

This month, hundreds of game wardens and conservation officers from around the country and Canada gathered in Cheyenne for the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association’s annual conference. While serious conversations about poaching, large carnivore attacks, and stress were important, the most anticipated event was the Warden Skills Competitions.