January 31st, 2020

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Most Think Cheney Has A Bright Future In The House

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is seen as a rising star in the GOP, so some in the party were surprised to see her opt to stay in the House and not run for the state’s open Senate seat. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from Washington on what some of her colleagues are saying about her.

Real Estate Business Caters To Conservatives Looking For 'Redder' Pastures

When you think about moving to a different state the local housing market and the cost of living are probably high on your agenda. But for some conservatives living in blue states, it’s also about finding redder pastures. As the Mountain West News Bureau’s Maggie Mullen reports, one real estate company has turned that into a business model.

Protecting The Casper Aquifer

A lot of the water that Wyomingites drink comes from the same source: the Casper Aquifer. In many areas, the aquifer is deep underground. Though in some areas where the water source surfaces, it can be a source of major controversy.

Tech Startups Are Coming To The Mountain West, But How Can We Grow Them?

Tech startups are moving into our region. But as the Mountain West News Bureau’s Madelyn Beck found, there are some hurdles to keeping them around.

Lessons From A Former Coal Capital

The coal capital of the U.S. is taking a harder look at diversifying its economy. The city of Gillette is being forced to adjust to a world with less demand for its resource. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports a former coal capital could help provide wisdom.

Program Has Success Transitioning Group Home Teens Into The Community And Workforce

One of the difficult things for children who are placed in group homes is how to manage when they leave that setting.  It used to be that when those 18-year old’s left the group home they would essentially have to fend for themselves.  In Laramie, Cathedral Home for Children has a program that tries to help young people navigate the so-called real world.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck has the story about the program and how one young man has benefitted from it.

Snaring Death Of Family Dog Raises Questions About Trapping On Public Lands

A recent incident of a dog dying after getting caught in a snare has some Fremont County residents changing their dog-walking habits, and calling for increased restrictions on trapping. Wyoming Public Radio’s Savannah Maher reports. 

Antelope Butte Reopens After 15 Years With Help From Communities

This winter season is the first time since 2004 that the Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area is fully open. The effort to reopen the ski area located in the Bighorn mountains took two communities separated by a mountain range over the last decade. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska has the story.

"I Feel Like What I've Been Through In This State Is Pulling Me Away From It"

Destiny and Taylor are both 17 years old and from Rock Springs. In 2019 both attended a disciplinary school in Sheridan called the Wyoming Girls School. They say there are good parts of Wyoming, but difficult experiences are pushing them to leave. For our "Belonging" series, the two sat down to discuss how their experiences in and out of Rock Springs have shaped them and their ideas of community. Destiny starts the conversation off.