A Four-Part Series On Yellowstone Premieres This Sunday

Mar 5, 2019

This Sunday, March 10, the Smithsonian Channel will debut a four-hour series on Yellowstone National Park. The series hopes to show a side of Yellowstone that has never been seen before.

Eric Bendick, producer and writer at the Grizzly Creek Films, which is the Bozeman based film company that produced the series, said the same stories get repeated about the nation's first national park.

"It's our backyard and we have a broader and more complex understanding of the ecosystem," said Bendick. "We thought we could bring in stories that maybe haven't been told as often or dive into stories a different way than they had been told before."

Thomas Wilson, the executive producer, said one new story was following animals from the beginning to the end as they struggle to live through the year and season.

"In our subzero show, we followed a bobcat that had been hunting waterfowl in the Madison River, and really being able to track that bobcat for the film in the beginning and all the way to the end when it finally conquers the river was a really exciting angle to take," said Wilson.

The first episode displays the parks toughest animals who survive the winter. And the following episodes take a closer look at predators, winged creatures and a wild river. The series was filmed over a three-year period.

Epic Yellowstone premieres Sunday, March 10 at 9pm ET/PT on Smithsonian Channel.