August 14th, 2020

Credit Catherine Wheeler

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High School Sports Start Back Up With Precautions

As high schools across the state gear up to send students back to school with health precautions, their fall sports teams are doing the same. And it may look a little different than what fans and players are used to. Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler visited some Gillette teams during their first week of practice.

Special Educators Prepare For Reopening Schools, Returning Students

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act promises all students, regardless of ability, the same opportunity for a good education. Wyoming Public Radio's Jeff Victor reports that promise stands in full, even during a pandemic.

Wyoming Republicans Are Battling For Control Of Their Party

Tuesday night is Wyoming's primary election and while there is a race for the state's open U.S. Senate seat…more interesting races surround the attempt by the conservative arm of the state Republican party to gain power in the legislature. Nick Reynolds of the Casper Star Tribune joins me to discuss this.

Riverton Focuses On Substance Five Years After Racially Motivated Shooting

In 2015 two Northern Arapaho men were shot at the Center of Hope detox center in Riverton Wyoming. They were shot by a white city parks employee with a 40 cal. handgun while they slept. The confessed shooter said he was targeting homeless people who he perceived as a nuisance to the city's public spaces. The thing is neither man was homeless. This was a racially motivated shooting. It led to calls for change. Wyoming Public Radio's Taylar Stagner reports change has been slow.

Americans Share Common Ground, Misperceptions About Immigration, Poll Finds

A new national survey shows that Americans have lots of misconceptions about immigrants. With support from America Amplified, the Mountain West News Bureau's Noah Glick spoke to some of the survey participants.

Nursing Student Training Is Important - Here's How They Get It

You can hardly have a show these days without some discussion about COVID-19. And while the pandemic is straining the healthcare system, it is also getting in the way of those being trained to be medical providers. The University of Wyoming School of Nursing is trying to find a solution to this problem. Wyoming Public Radio's Ivy Engel has more.

Weather App Aims To Make Winter Travel Safer

Current models for Wyoming winter weather are often wrong about when and where dangerous conditions will occur. A University of Wyoming team is creating an app that they hope will better predict hazardous winter weather across the region. The goal is for any traveller to open their phone and be able to see when and where there are hazardous driving conditions along their route. Wyoming Public Radio's Ashley Piccone reports.

Grand Teton Music Festival's New Executive Director Hopes To Connect Community To Music

The Grand Teton Music Festival has picked its new executive director. The festival holds a world class orchestra during the summer months and offers other classical music events year round. Emma Kail has a background in music performance and as an administrative leader in classical music organizations across the US. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska spoke with her about her vision and hopes for the festival. First Kail describes how she got into this career.