Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House of Representatives voted to send two bills dealing with abortion to the Senate.

One bill would outlaw abortions performed for discriminatory reasons, like the fetus having a disability or its race or gender.

Inside the Wyoming State Capitol Building
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A bill that gives more power to elected officials when it comes to public health orders has passed the House.

The measure requires county commissioners to sign off on the extension of a local order after ten days, while the governor would do the same regarding a statewide order.

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The Wyoming House of Representatives has given final approval to a bill that would expand Medicaid in the state and provide health care coverage to an estimated 25,000 people.

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The Wyoming Senate voted down a bill that would have moved up the primary election with the intent to have a runoff election, if the winner of the primary didn't have over 50 percent of the vote.

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After debating it for a few weeks, the Wyoming House gave final approval to a school finance bill. It includes budget cuts and adds revenue to make up for a $300 million budget shortfall for K-12 education.


The University of Wyoming has won round one in a water dispute with the City of Laramie.

The Wyoming House of Representatives gave final approval to a bill that allows UW to drill a well and develop its own water system without interference from the city or the county.

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The last time the state of Wyoming executed someone was in 1992.

"When that execution actually occurred, I felt it," said Sen. Cale Case. "And people all over Wyoming felt it, 'cause we were part of it."


The Wyoming House of Representatives is debating a bill that would limit public health orders to ten days and require elected officials to agree to extend the order.

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After debating how much to charge per acre, the Wyoming House of Representatives has defeated a bill that would have allowed the state to sell a square mile of Grand Teton National Park to the National Park Service.

Wyoming Legislature

A bill that would have protected Wyoming journalists from being subpoenaed to reveal their anonymous sources has failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Wyoming Education Association

Over the last couple of weeks, the Wyoming House and Senate have been making changes to the funding model that funds schools in the state. Most of the focus has been on cuts, with the Senate trimming over $100 million and the House cutting an additional $60 million.

The funding model provides money that schools say they need to operate and is court mandated. To change the model there needs to be evidence that less money for schools is needed. Grady Hutcherson, President of the Wyoming Education Association, discussed whether lawmakers are following the law.

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As energy companies look to build more wind farms in southeast Wyoming, the issue of wind development has bitterly divided residents of Albany County.


The city of Laramie is pushing back against a bill that would allow the University of Wyoming to control its own water supply. The city council passed a resolution this week strongly condemning that bill, even calling it unconstitutional.

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Lawmakers have taken a major step to begin tolling Interstate 80, the highway cutting across southern Wyoming.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Senate has passed a bill that would outlaw chemically-induced abortions.

Physicians say the medication is a safe way to handle the procedure, but lawmakers for the bill say the procedure is cruel. The bill's sponsor, Riverton Rep. Tim Salazar said the choice to bring the bill forward was a moral one.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House Judiciary Committee decided to move forward with a bill that would create a system for maintaining records for instances of serious police misconduct that occur in the state.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House Labor and Health Committee voted to advance several bills regarding abortion.

The first bill would not allow state or federal funds to go towards any public Wyoming university or community college student insurance plans that cover abortion procedures.

Wyoming Legislature

The House Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee voted to not move forward with a bill that would have increased wage transparency in the state.

If the bill had passed, employers would not be able to prohibit their employees from discussing wages with each other or punish them if they do.

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The Wyoming House of Representatives made a number of cuts to the school funding model that increased the reductions in an education funding bill to close to $70 million.


The Wyoming Senate is debating a proposed constitutional amendment that would take the funding of school buildings out of the hands of the state and return it to local districts.

The Wyoming Supreme Court has ruled that the state needs to pay for school buildings and upkeep.

A Western lawmaker faces growing scrutiny over her potential role in the Capitol insurrection.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House Judiciary Committee voted to move forward on a bill that would set up a system for regulating marijuana in the state.

Under the bill, marijuana would be legal for medical use and recreational use for anyone 21 years and older.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Senate has narrowly passed the bill that would establish a taskforce to evaluate the state's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Dissatisfaction with how Wyoming handled the pandemic has reached the legislature. Bills and budget amendments have been crafted to remove the power of the state health officer and to put legislators and county commissioners into the driver's seat.

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After the 2020 election, legislatures across the country are considering new voting laws.

And while no widespread voter fraud has been proven, it has not stopped conservative lawmakers from looking for solutions and new preventive measures.

A Democratic firebrand in Congress has a new role overseeing the oil and gas industry.

California Rep. Katie Porter is known for her hard-hitting style. In her first two years in Congress, she grilled bank executives as a member of the powerful House Financial Services Committee. Now, as chair of the Natural Resources Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, she's doing the same to oil executives. 

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Senate has advanced a bill that would create a taskforce to review the state's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The taskforce would include lawmakers and members of the business, education, health care, tribal and local government communities. All but the lawmakers would be appointed by the governor.

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Update: Following a reconsideration vote, the Wyoming House of Representatives has reversed course and voted to pass a bill regulating online sports betting. The bill would legalize the activity and provide revenue to the state.  The Wyoming Gaming Commission would oversee all operations and develop rules.  The bill now heads to the Senate for further debate.

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A bill that outlaws chemically- induced abortions has passed a Wyoming legislative committee, despite comments that the measure is unconstitutional.

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The Wyoming House and Senate continued work on the state budget by considering a number of amendments.