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Open Spaces August 14, 2015

Aug 14, 2015

On this episode, Pope Francis’ environmental message is challenging some Wyoming Catholics because of what it says about the future of coal. Gillette examines its future in light of the coal industry's troubles, a debate over the water quality downgrade of thousands of the state’s alpine streams.

We’ll also hear an interview with Governor Mead on the Clean Power Plant rule, learn about fake businesses known as “shell companies,” and take a run in the shoes of an ultra marathoner. Those stories and more. 

Open Spaces July 31, 2015

Jul 31, 2015

On this episode, we’ll hear how Wind River Tribes went to Washington this week to ask to classify a recent shooting there as a hate crime. And a story about Wyoming Grown, a new state program designed to convince Cowboy state expats to move back home. Wyoming lawmakers are moving forward on a multi-year plan to renovate the state capitol and Herschler building. We’ll also hear about threats to the grid from solar storms, and new research at the University of Wyoming on polar bears, and take a wildflower walk with author Susan Marsh. 

Open Spaces July 24, 2015

Jul 24, 2015

On this episode, we will take you to the "Daddy of Em All", Cheyenne Frontier Days for a number of stories. We will also talk to the Director of a group who is trying to get medical marijuana on the ballot and we will hear from our Inside Energy team. Those stories and more.

Open Spaces July 10, 2015

Jul 13, 2015

On this episode, a new vaccine could set the stage for the return of the Black-Footed Ferret, youth crisis centers and a jail, Jackson's housing troubles and its relation to keeping teachers around. Those stories and an interview with Wyoming’s Bishop on climate change are all coming up. 

Open Spaces July 3, 2015

Jul 6, 2015

On this holiday edition, we will hear how a billionaire is trying to become the biggest alternative energy giant in the country by investing in a project in Wyoming. We'll also revisit a story about school lunches. We will talk about how hospice care has changed the world for family caregivers, and recently we've heard about how religious beliefs and politics mix in Wyoming. Those stories and more!

Open Spaces June 19, 2015

Jun 25, 2015

On this episode, we will look into financial issues facing Wyoming’s hospitals, a teacher who gets kids thinking about sage grouse through the topic of mathematics, new summer activities cropping up at our state's ski resorts. And we will hear what Wyoming’s congressional delegation wants to do about fire funding. These stories and more!