Yellowstone Park Rangers Gear Up For Labor Day

Sep 4, 2015

Credit Courtesy of Ken Lund, Flickr Creative Commons

It’s no secret that late summer is a great time to visit Yellowstone National Park. And, that means lots of traffic. With many people celebrating the Labor Day holiday, park officials say safety is a big concern. Park spokesman Amy Bartlett says that’s why park rangers and local law enforcement are working together to post traffic safety checkpoints along the park’s hundreds of miles of backroads.

“We’re going to be watching for things like, are people wearing their seat belt, are child safety seats and restraints being used properly, are people driving the speed limit, are people impaired in any way, alcohol, drugs or just tired.”

She said people should also be careful of the high number of cars parked along highway shoulders, and check that their tires, taillights and headlights are in working order before they make the trip.