Yellowstone Hosts First Northern Plains Marketplace And Fashion Show

Jun 10, 2019

Credit Yellowstone National Park

The first tribal marketplace and fashion show in Yellowstone National Park starts Tuesday, June 11. Northern Plains artists will display and engage with park visitors through discussions and demonstrations.

The marketplace hopes to celebrate the culture of the Northern Plains people in a place that is significant to them.

Artist Scott Frazier said it's an opportunity to engage with Yellowstone tourists.

"We just haven't really been involved in this last generation. So hopefully people will see that this is an opportunity for both Yellowstone and native people to have a harmonious relationship," said Frazier.

Frazier said he hopes this opens an opportunity for the tribes to have an international marketplace. In addition to the marketplace in the Old Faithful Inn lobby, there will be a fashion show open to the public displaying native fashion.

Fashion Designer Della Bighair Stump said more and more non-Native people are becoming interested in Native fashion, so she looks forward to the opportunity.

"We just want to share our work, what we love to do, [and] who we are with the outside world," said Stump.

The marketplace will last through the end of this week.