Wyoming Women In STEM Conference Seeks To Inspire Young Women

May 23, 2019

The Wyoming Women in STEM Conference focuses on providing young women with the confidence and tools to go into a STEM field.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Every year, the University of Wyoming hosts the annual Wyoming Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) conference. The event is focused on inspiring young women, 7th grade through high school, who are interested in STEM subjects to continue in the field by providing them with role models and networks on campus.

Wyoming born NASA flight operator Ivy McLeod was the keynote speaker. She said she’s excited about the future for these kids.

"I think just understanding and learning about our world and learning what we don't know," McLeod said. "And especially looking at all of these kids today who are going to be the ones going to Mars, who are going to be the ones cracking the next breakthrough in physics and cosmology and chemistry. I just think that's great."

One of the students, 7th grade Alexandra Dickson, was interested in all kinds of science, but she was clear on which ones got her most excited.

"I love space science especially, cause there's just a lot of new things that need to be explored, and just all of the wonders that we get to learn about. It just puts this feeling in my stomach and it's so amazing," said Dickson.

The event stressed to the young women they can follow their dreams and do whatever they want if they put their mind to it.