Wyoming WIC Program Releases New Income Guidelines

Jul 5, 2019

More families will be eligible for WIC, the Women, Infants and Children Program under the Wyoming Department of Health new eligibility guidelines.

Kim Deti with the WDH said the program is designed to get young kids off to a healthy start.

"What the program offers is really food. It offers food for pregnant women, food for families, and for children under five. It also offers support for breastfeeding for new moms," said Deti.

She said WIC staff will also make referrals to other programs.

"It's a lot of things that are really meant to help parents be successful and give young kids the best possible start at an early stage in life, which of course is critical," said Deti.

Under the new guidelines, a two-person family must be at or below an annual income of $31,284 to qualify. That's close to a thousand dollars more than last year's income limit. Contact the Wyoming WIC Program for more information about eligibility.