Wyoming ACLU To Host Virtual Forum On Racism In State

Jul 10, 2020

Credit ACLU Wyoming

The ACLU of Wyoming is hosting a virtual forum this weekend, providing space for a discussion about police brutality. The call-in forum encourages communities of color and victims of police brutality to share their stories.

Protests across the state and country have ignited discussions about police brutality and citizen oversight.

But Antonio Serrano, with the ACLU of Wyoming, said the tone of those discussions can often be patronizing toward the people closest to those issues.

"So we wanted to make sure that communities of color who have been ignored here in Wyoming, victims of police brutality who feel like they've been ignored here in Wyoming, have an opportunity and a place where they can share their experiences," Serrano said.

The forum has no agenda and callers will be given a few minutes each to say what they want or need to say.

"With COVID, we can't be around each other, sitting in a circle," Serrano said. "This is the next best thing we can do. So no agenda, pretty casual, say what you gotta say and get it off your chest."

Serrano said the forum is not geared toward white folks or allies, but everyone is welcome to join the Zoom call and encouraged to listen and learn.

The forum is slated for 1 p.m. Saturday. Call-in information is provided once one registers for the event, which can be done at the state chapter's website.

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