USDA Makes $235 Million Available For Innovative Conservation

May 7, 2015

Credit USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is putting up 235 million dollars in grants for innovative conservation projects around the country.

The grants will support efforts like improving water and soil quality, wildlife habitat, and farmland. The grant was part of last year’s Farm Bill.

Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust director Bob Budd says the grants will tackle big issues.

“They’re a very broad-based approach to doing a lot of different things that you otherwise would normally see done kind of piecemeal, and perhaps just put together as catch as catch can. And this allows people to do things in a very holistic and comprehensive manner, and that’s very powerful on the ground,” Budd says.

Budd says that in Wyoming, projects that could gain the most benefit are those related to stream and wetland management.