University of Wyoming To Be Represented On State Education Board

Feb 10, 2017

Credit University of Wyoming

The Wyoming State Board of Education is celebrating its 100th anniversary this legislature, and potentially seeing some changes in its composition.

A bill approved by the legislature recommends including the University of Wyoming President as a nonvoting ex-officio member.

State Board of Education Chair Pete Gosar welcomed the change. 

“I think for too long education has operated in silos but I’m not sure we can do that anymore. Nor should have done it in the beginning,” said Gosar. 

“We need to talk about a broad range and spectrum of ideas because it does matter what your assessment looks like in high school if it impacts the community colleges and universities so they should have a place at the table.”

Gosar said having a voice for higher education on the board will help K-12 schools better serve college bound students.