State Officials Will Work To Address The Impacts Of COVID-19

Mar 17, 2020

Credit State of Wyoming

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon is using the top five elected officials to head up the state's response to COVID-19. 

They will be asked to lead task forces and will look at issues including health care availability, government policies, education impacts, transportation and infrastructure, along with how businesses and the financial sector are impacted.

Gordon said the business sector is something they need to certainly keep an eye on.

"There are two threats here that are both significant. One is the virus and the other is how we react to it. Currently we are panicking, and it's hard to get in order. We will be living in a world of COVID-19, we do expect to have essential services and do business, and that task force for will work on that," said Gordon

During a news conference Gordon also addressed Wyoming's financial picture. He said Wyoming's portfolio "was built to withstand shocks." He noted that it's in decline but will weather the storm better than most of the state's peers.

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