Special Legislative Committee begins investigation of State Superintendent Cindy Hill

Aug 7, 2013

State Superintendent Cindy Hill says she has grave concerns about a legislative committee that is investigating possible wrongdoing within her administration.  The Committee is following up on a report that suggested possible misuse of funds and mistreatment of employees.  Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau says they want to determine if action needs to be taken against Hill or if the issue needs to be dropped.  Hill told the committee that she did nothing wrong and suggested that there may be reasons for the accusations.

Credit Bob Beck

“I stepped into an agency that was not pleased to see me.  I had defeated their boss and I had some different views about education than some may have held.  A number were angry and some still are and I was there to make improvements.  And as you know, change can be hard.”

Hill said the committee was loaded with people who voted to take away a number of her powers and fears that the investigation will not be fair.   

“I am confident that if all the facts are examined in an unbiased and fair way that the truth will prevail.  However, I have grave concerns about this process.”

Lubnau, who is the chairman of the Select Investigative Committee says they make every effort to do a thorough investigation.  Subcommittees have been formed to look into some specific allegations.  Lubnau says the Select Investigative Committee will move as quickly as possible.