September 11th, 2020

Credit Courtesy of One Shot Antelope Hunt

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Lander's One Shot Antelope Hunt Faces Mounting Pressure To "Re-Write The Script"

This weekend would have marked the 80th annual One Shot Antelope Hunt. Organizers say they called it off because of the pandemic. But the cancellation also comes after a summer of intense criticism for the event, and those who've participated. Wyoming Public Radio's Savannah Maher reports.

The State Of Hunting In The Time Of COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have turned to the great outdoors in an effort to get out of their house but still stay away from people. And with more people out of work, it also helps to be able to fill the freezer. Wyoming Public Radio's Ivy Engel has more about the state of hunting during a pandemic.

Population Growth Looms Large In Debates Over Proposed Colorado Water Project

Many communities in the West are growing. And in some places that's putting pressure on already scarce water supplies. That's the case in northern Colorado, where a proposed set of reservoirs promises to allow small suburbs to keep getting bigger. But as Luke Runyon reports, it's also stirred up a familiar debate over how the West grows, and whether water should be a limiting factor.

Podcast Unveils New Season About The Struggle Of Small Towns In The West

Wyoming Public Media's podcast The Modern West has been gearing up for a new season. They're doing something quite different this time around. Instead of a lot of separate stories, they're going to tell one big story over the course of eleven episodes. Bob Beck sat down with the podcast's host Melodie Edwards to hear what's coming down the pipe.

"Keeping Schools Open Is Going To Be The Much Greater Challenge." Wyoming Students Return

As K-12 schools have students back in class, the challenge is how to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. But a question exists, will the public know how they are doing? Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler has more on this collaborative reporting with the Casper Star Tribune.

University Of Wyoming Student COVID-19 Outbreaks Delay In-Person Classes

Due to multiple outbreaks of coronavirus in the University of Wyoming student population, the campus shut down and classes were provided online. As the university determines whether students can be in the classroom, Wyoming Public Radio's Jeff Victor reports they're also considering whether to punish some students for disregarding health guidelines.

Asbestos Devastated Libby, Montana. Now COVID-19 Hangs In The Air.

Libby, Montana was already living with an invisible enemy that attacks your lungs long before COVID-19 reached our shores. For the past century, asbestos has killed hundreds in this small town -- at least. And as our Mountain West News Bureau's Nate Hegyi reports, that experience informs how it's reacting today.

Wyoming Swift Fox Will Find A New Home On Fort Belknap Reservation

Human development can push species out of their native habitats, but people can also help put those species back. On the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana, bison and endangered black-footed ferrets have already been reintroduced. Wyoming Public Radio's Ivy Engel says now they will try one more.

In Search Of The Harlequin Duck In The Tetons

Grand Teton National Park experienced higher numbers of visitors this summer. Hiking trails saw increased daily traffic and campgrounds were filling up earlier in the day than previous years. But Wyoming Public Radio's Tennessee Watson brings us the story of one park visitor who still managed to find a secluded spot away from the crowds.