Senate continues to debate overhauling the State Superintendent's office

Jan 15, 2013

The State Senate continues working on a bill that would change the way education is governed in Wyoming. 

The bill would lead to the appointment of a State Education Director, who would oversee such things as education accountability and school funding.

But Senator Curt Meier amended the legislation, restoring a number of duties to the State Superintendent’s office.  Under the amendment, the Superintendent would remain a voting member on the State Board of Education. 

Senator Chris Rothfuss says the amendment keeps the Superintendent in charge of advocating for education.

“Make sure policy recommendations, oversight, analysis and a lot of these concepts of insuring general oversight of the education system for the state of Wyoming remain with the Superintendent.  And to the best of my understanding, the amendment doesn’t do anything to preclude the education accountability from moving forward.”

Meier also amended the bill to include job requirements for the education director.  But the Senate voted down a proposal by Senator Drew Perkins to allow the State Board of Education to pick the new Education Director.
The bill will be debated for a final time on Wednesday.