Powell High School And Northwest College To Offer Vocational Courses

Jan 17, 2020


Powell High School and Northwest College are partnering to offer vocational classes to high school students who are not planning to go to college.

Students wanting to explore different careers and gain workforce experience before they graduate can take classes through the Northwest College Center for Training and Development.

Christi Greaham, Northwest College Training and Development Specialist, said the partnership started a year ago when a high school student was looking to get construction and heavy equipment experience.

"A lot of [students] know or aren't sure that they want to do (the) college route. So, this gives them the chance to go out and find different trades and get some experience to go into the trade world," she said.

Classes include auto mechanics, therapeutic riding, and workforce effectiveness training. Greaham said, so far, the program has been a success, especially for the auto mechanic students.

"Out of the five, four of them are actually working in the field and have gotten jobs as mechanics."

Students won't gain college credits through the program. Greaham said students are taking courses for experience.

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