New Online Tool Makes Accessing Campbell County Information Easier

Oct 16, 2019

Credit Campbell County Atlas Explorer

Campbell County has released a new tool that can help people access information about land in the area.

Campbell County’s new GIS (geographic information system) map, Atlas Explorer, is all inclusive. It holds layers of information on things like property boundaries, coal mines, surveys, voting boundaries, public lands and more.

County GIS analyst Natalie Buchwald said previous online tools for GIS didn’t have as much information in one place and weren’t user friendly.

“It also has a couple of new features that only available within our Atlas Explorer. And it showcases our project we completed recently and are keeping up on now our survey corner work,” she said. 

Buchwald said it’s also making it easier for people to do business in Campbell County.

“In the Atlas Explorer, we can meet the needs of some of those more savvy users who wanted not only property information and tax information but also accurate address information, plat information, all of those kinds of things,” she said. 

The data in the explorer will be continuously updated. Buchwald said the tool will also make it easier to request more information and raw data. The map is free to use. 

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