New Legislation Pending For State Parks

Oct 28, 2014

Credit Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails

A bill proposed in the Wyoming House of Representatives would redirect funds received from state park permits into a special revenue account. The purpose of the account would be to move a quarter of the funds back into general maintenance of Wyoming State Parks. This would give the state’s parks more control over how that money is spent. Right now roughly $500,000 goes into the general fund for construction projects.

Domenic Bravo is the State Parks administrator and says choosing maintenance over new construction projects can be a challenging ordeal.

"Yeah it’s a double edge sword so for instance if we have to make a decision in the field, do we buy toilet paper as a supply item or do we buy the water treatment to actually treat our shelters or something to that effect," says Bravo.

Bravo says that extra twenty-five percent is optional to help the department when it does need money for large capital construction projects. The bill, if passed would take effect for fiscal year 2017.