Legislature Considers Expanding Hathaway To Attract Out Of State Students

Jan 28, 2017

Speaker of the House Steve Harshman
Credit Bob Beck

In an effort to bring more young people to the state, Speaker of the House Steve Harshman wants to expand the Hathaway Scholarship to out of state students.

To qualify, a student will need a cumulative grand point average of 3.75 and be in the 96 percentile on either the SAT or ACT. The catch is that students must repay the scholarship either by working in the state or by paying out of pocket after they graduate. Harshman said that he believes if students come here, they will want to stay and that will help the economy.    

So I want to talk about growing Wyoming, bringing young people here, because once you come here you fall in love with this place and so I think we can turn this around, so I think that’s one small piece of that.”

Harshman said other states use a similar approach and have a lot of success with it. House Bill 191 was endorsed by the House Education Committee and will be debated by the full house next week.