Laramie History, Local Authors To Be Highlighted On National TV

Oct 14, 2019

Credit Public Domain

C-SPAN television network wrapped up five days of filming historic sites and talking to local authors in Laramie last week.

The network will feature the city on two of its channels as part of its Cities Tour.

"So the goal is to bring a city to our national audience. And so they get a chance to see what is this? What is Laramie all about? What are some of the highlights of its history? And who are some of the folks that have contributed to its literary scene, we hope folks get a chance to walk away understanding that," Debbie Lamb, Cities Tour's Coordinating Producer, said.

The three-man team visited multiple sites around Laramie including the Territorial Prison, the Ivinson Mansion, and the Deerwood Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary. They also interviewed five local authors.

Lamb said that the show episodes will get a perspective from local people.

"The important thing to remember about what we're doing is the individuals that we interview and the places that we go, they are the ones that are telling this story," Lamb said. "So while we'll go back, and we'll put the pieces together, we're not that star of the show, we're not going to tell you what you just heard. It's going to be the city telling the story. And I think that's very important."

The shows will be airing November 2 and 3 on BookTV and AmericanHistoryTV, but clips can be viewed indefinitely on C-SPAN's website.

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