Governor Mead Sets Up Marijuana Study Council

Jun 30, 2015

Governor Matt Mead is creating a task force that is intended to gather information on the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in Wyoming. 

The governor says he continues to oppose any legalization of the drug. But he says he wants to get ahead of a possible 2016 general election ballot initiative that could ask voters to decide whether to legalize medical marijuana. 

"We’ve seen concerns raised from increased marijuana use in Wyoming to concerns about edibles. Along those lines in just the general scope of marijuana and how it may impact our state. We realize without changing our laws that Wyoming has and continues to struggle as all states do with the impacts of illicit drug use."

He says supporters of legalization point to the revenue Colorado has made from the sale of marijuana. But Mead hopes the task force will study that.     

"What Colorado, as far as I know hasn’t reported, is what is the increased cost from traffic situations, increased counseling, increased substance abuse, and I think all of that needs to be taken into context."

Mead says the report will be released in time for the 2016 legislative session.