Cody Recreation Gets Boost From Daniels Fund

Jun 26, 2017

Credit Yellowstone Recreations Foundation

Kids in the Cody area will soon have more recreational opportunities thanks to $250,000 grant from the Daniels Fund. The grant was written by the Yellowstone Recreations Foundation in collaboration with various community organizations. Amy Woods, the Foundation Manager and Grant Writer for the Yellowstone Recreations Foundation, said the grant was written with a focus on winter recreation.

“Seeing as how we are in winter 12 months out of the year, it seems, that’s a huge area where youth programs can thrive, and we just need the funding to do it,” Woods said.

The money will go towards updating buildings and programs for youth hockey, Nordic skiing, figure skating, and baseball, and the improved facilities will serve youths throughout the Big Horn Basin. One example, she said, is that the new baseball facilities will host regional tournaments, drawing teams from across Wyoming and Montana.

Woods believes this is a big opportunity for the local community.

“I think it’s worth noting how well all these organizations came together to work together in a small community like this, because we serve all the same youths,” said Woods.

The grant money will be administered over the next year to the various recipients. Woods said updates to facilities for youths at the Sleeping Giant Ski Area will be made in time for the upcoming ski season.