Borealis Fat Bike World Championships Takes Place In Pinedale

Jan 13, 2021

Credit Anthony DeLorenzo Flickr

Pinedale will be hosting the Borealis Fat Bike World Championships for the first time this weekend.

The Borealis Fat Bike World Championships has taken place in Crested Butte, Colorado since its conception five years ago, but this year that changed.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines in the state, organizers in Colorado decided they couldn't hold the championships this year.

Andrew Zook, co-director and Pinedale bike shop owner, said the Sublette County chamber of commerce director reached out and said the championships could happen in Pinedale. So far, 65 people are signed up from around the country.

"It's definitely spectator friendly," said Zook. "And it's a great chance for people to, if they're not familiar with fat biking, to come out and see what actually it is. And see some really super high level riders, banging heads to try to get that championship."

Fat bikes give you the ability to explore more places in more seasons due to their wide tires.

Even though it's the championships, anyone can sign up and there are different level races. Zook said, in addition to races, there will be food vendors and other outdoor activities.

"We plan to continue on having a race here. Obviously, we won't be able to call it the World Championships, but we will definitely have a fat bike race here from here forward," said Zook.