April 10th, 2020

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Albany County Sheriff's Officers Pushed Victim To Recant Assault Allegation. Now They're Being Sued

This story includes descriptions of sexual assault.

This week the Casper Star-Tribune broke a story about a lawsuit against the Albany County Sheriff's Office, over the alleged mishandling of a sexual assault investigation. Wyoming Public Radio has an interview with the plaintiff, as well as audio of the law enforcement interview at the heart of the complaint.

Infrastructure Workers Nervous Safety Guidelines Fall Short Amidst COVID-19


Countless businesses nationwide are closed right now due to COVID-19. But many have to stay open - from groceries stores to coal mines. And while there are safety guidelines in place, some workers don’t feel it's enough. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports that many are speaking out.


Wyoming Senators Support More Aid


Even if Wyoming's two senators aren't here in Washington, they're working overtime these days. After helping pass a $2.2 trillion stimulus package last month, this week they tried to give the administration another $250 billion so it could aide struggling or shuttered small businesses. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso says these massive stimulus bills are essential right now.


Why So Many COVID-19 Cases Have Been Confirmed In Teton County



Despite putting in place restrictions before anyone else, Teton County’s numbers continue to jump. It’s consistently ranked as one of the top two or three places with confirmed positive tests in place. Although health care providers also say it’s a place where lots of testing has taken place. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska spoke with Teton County Health Officer Dr. Travis Riddell who joined us from his home in Jackson. He says he knew the area would get hit hard by the coronavirus.


"Not Having Any Income Is Difficult": Unemployment Surges 800 Percent In Wyoming

The number of people getting laid off from their jobs in Wyoming skyrocketed over the last few weeks. It’s up over 800 percent just since the middle of March. Like other tourist destination states, Wyoming’s economy is extra vulnerable with large numbers of people working in the service industry. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards talked with some Wyomingites who are feeling the fresh pain of unemployment.


Restaurants Adapt Amid Coronavirus Concerns

As the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to rise and people leave their houses less and less, local businesses have to find new ways to cope. And one industry that has seen drastic changes in the past few weeks is the service industry. Wyoming Public Radio’s Ivy Engel has more on the ways many restaurants are dealing with this shock.


Eviction Ban? Rent Strike? What To Do When Rent Comes Due


Between shuttered businesses and skyrocketing unemployment figures, the COVID-19 pandemic has put some folks at risk of losing their livelihood. Wyoming Public Radio’s Jeff Victor reports that will hurt Wyoming’s rental tenants … and it’s unclear what, if any, assistance might be coming.



Wyoming Schools Adapt To New Learning Challenges Amidst COVID-19 Closures


Governor Mark Gordon’s order to close public places through April 30th means that schools have to quickly adapt to a new way of educating students, with many districts relying on technology to communicate and teach. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler reports on how districts and parents are handling the switch. 


Distance Learning Could Deepen Inequality Between Wyoming Schools

This week, all 48 Wyoming school districts launched their adapted learning plans. For some, that means leaning more heavily on online tools that had already been incorporated into the curriculum. But other districts, including many on the Wind River Reservation, are starting from scratch.