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Telemetry: Special 3

In this episode, we're turning up the heat—both on and under the landscape.

Our first segment tells the story of the 2016 Maple Fire. On August 8, a lightning strike ignited a small fire on the edge of Yellowstone National Park near the community of West Yellowstone, Montana. Most fires in the park never burn more than about a quarter-acre, but the Maple Fire would go on to burn over 45,000. It was the largest fire in the park since the historic fires of 1988.

Then, in our second segment, we talk with scientists who monitor the Yellowstone Supervolcano about misconceptions surrounding Yellowstone's volcanic past, present, and future.

Telemetry is a production of Yellowstone National Park. We release new episodes periodically where we talk about discovery, wonder, and the value of parks and protected places. There's no place on Earth quite like Yellowstone. Join us as we travel deep into the heart of one of the last wild places in America.

Find more episodes at go.nps.gov/telemetry and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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